If you are looking for a unique small business you can start from home, the Scentsy business opportunity might be the company you have been looking for.

The Scentsy business opportunity is a fresh, unique and very easy option for you to start a home business that caters to your needs.

You will make money with Scentsy in a simple, easy and flexible business model.

So what exactly is Scentsy and how will you make money with Scentsy?…

scentsy business opportunity

Scentsy Business Opportunity

..Scentsy Fragrance is a worldwide leader in fragrance and also a direct selling company.

Scentsy offers a variety of home and personal fragrance products.

Their flagship product, wick-less, scented candles heated in beautiful ceramic warmers provide a more elegant and better alternative to burning wicked candles.

Scentsy also offers the Scentsy Buddy, stuffed animals with a Scent Pak inside, and Layers by Scentsy, a personalized fragrance experience consisting of 17 body and laundry care products.

The Scentsy Fragrance products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants running home based businesses within North America, Europe and Australia.

…To make money with Scentsy you would join the 200,000 strong work force of Independent consultants/distributors.

Scentsy Business

The unique Scentsy business opportunity comes jammed packed with all sorts of different ways to host party’s and multiple ways to earn rewards including discounts on products, exclusive products tailored only for hosts, and many more perpetual rewards for your efforts.

And of course there is commissions on sales made by you.

You can earn up to 30% commissions on your personal sales along with commissions from other consultants you recruit into the Scentsy business opportunity.

If you are looking for a fun and flexible program based on incentives and an easy start up with a family oriented support team, the Scentsy business opportunity might be the right choice for you.

How Can You Make Money With Scentsy

There are a variety of ways for how can you make money with Scentsy, including:

  • Home Parties
  • Basket Parties
  • Open House Parties
  • Selling To People You Already Know
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Promoting Scentsy Through Your Own Personal Website
  • Social Media Sales
  • Several Other Methods, Be Creative.

Scentsy is a world-wide brand which has become super popular, so most people you come into contact with will already know how great the warmers and scents are, they just need someone like you to buy from.

Since Scentsy is not sold in stores and only available through Scentsy consultants, you can introduce people to the brand and be their “source” to fulfill all their Scentsy product needs.

I will say this as a word of caution though, many people think that just because they have joined the Scentsy business opportunity, that sales will instantly begin to flow in.

Nope, sorry it just doesn’t work like that.

You will have to be actively working your Scentsy business if you want to see sales and commissions each month.

If you feel you have what it takes to start and grow your own Scensty business, we would love to discuss this amazing Scentsy business opportunity with you and show you what we can do to help in your success.


As with any venture into the world of owning your own home business, questions will arise.

Being a Scentsy Consultant is no different.

Below we will answer these questions and show you exactly why you should join Scentsy.

Aside from wanting to take charge of your own time and creating a successful business that is all your own.

Being a Scentsy consultant, you will have the opportunity to shape your future, decide what kind of income levels you will earn, and share products that you believe in.

So, why you should join Scentsy?…

Scentsy is fun and flexible.

When you join Scentsy you will enjoy new experiences and make new friends.

You decide how much or how little you will work.

You will have the ability to set your own schedule and create your own goals.

Income and Incentives!

You will earn 20-25 percent commission on your sales, and receive bonuses as you build up a team.

You will also earn awards and incentives for sales and sponsoring achievements.

Scentsy provides a easy to understand, well thought out and fantastically executed compensation plan that aids in determining your monthly income at a glance.

why you should join scentsy

Easy start up!

Upon joining Scentsy, you will receive a Starter Kit that will include everything you need to help you host your very first party and begin the journey of starting your own business.

No pre-purchasing any inventory!!

Scentsy ships orders directly to you, your party hosts, and your very valuable customers.

A team that backs you up!

When you join Scentsy you also join the family.

Sharing sales suggestions, party ideas and much more interaction is all the support you will receive from your loyal team members here at Scentsy.

Scentsy also hosts regular training calls and in-person events each year to keep you up-to-date on the newest product lines while also bringing you together with others and helping you build your support network.

In addition you will have a sponsor and an up-line director, you will have access to web-based training tools and a forum to help you get started and align yourself with fellow consultants.

Scentsy will also send you a Scentsy Family Consultant Guide, promotional products and marketing tools.

There are many reasons to join Scentsy.

Along with the key benefits mentioned above you will also have the opportunity to enrich lives through amazing fragrance.

As part of the Scentsy family you will also have the option of enrolling in other Scentsy brands, such as Velata and Grace Adele, all while building one team to support your efforts.

Scentsy is also an active member of the DSA or Direct Selling Association, which is an industry organization founded to promote and uphold the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.

On this affiliation with the DSA you can be confident about doing business with a trustworthy company.

So the question is not really why should you join Scentsy, its why shouldn’t you join?


Scentsy Silver Frost Shade Warmer


Scentsy Silver Frost Shade Warmer

Scentsy SIlver Frost Shade Warmer

I am so excited to show off the new scent warmer of the month for December 2013 – Scentsy Silver Frost Shade Warmer

I have to tell you, this is the most beautiful warmer we own and we own a lot.

The way that this warmer illuminates the room when the lights are out is truly amazing.

Here is what Scentsy has to say about this warmer:

“A glorious addition to our new Lampshade Collection, Silver Frost captures the elegance of snowflakes on a silvery glass vase.

With a flick of the switch, the delicate flakes cast a radiant glow with plays of shadow and light.”

This warmer takes the larger 25 watt Scentsy light bulb.

Scentsy Silver Frost Shade Warmer

The Scentsy lampshade warmers are The Scent Couple’s favorite warmers, they are so elegant and in our opinion put off the best scent of all of the warmers we have.

Since this is the scent warmer of the month, if you order in the month of December 2013 you will save 10% and get this amazing warmer for $36

While your in our store be sure to check out the new Scentsy Scent of the Month for December 2013, Berry Spice!

Be sure to check back as I will be updating this post with the new Scentsy video once it is released.

Add This Beautiful Scentsy Silver Frost Shade Warmer and Berry Spice Scent To Your Collection

Brandie and Justin



We are taking the day off so no new updates today.

Today we hope you are spending time with family and friends and enjoying this great day.

We have so much to be thankful for and have been so blessed in our lives.

We are so thankful for you and everyone who calls TheScentCouple.com home for all your Scentsy needs.


From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

Brandie and Justin


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