Scentsy Buddy – Scentsy Stuffed Animals

by Justin and Brandie

Hey friend

I have some exciting news to share with you!!

Normally we talk about how great the Scentsy candle warmer and scents line are but today I want to tell you about another Scentsy product line.

The Scentsy Buddy line

Scentsy Buddy?

Yes the Scentsy Buddy are those cute stuffed animals, you have seen them, right?

Well I am assuming by your silence that is a no, no problem I will tell you all about them, better yet watch this short video.

Scentsy Buddy

They are so cute aren’t they, omg so soft and cuddly too, but that’s not the best part about the Scentsy animals line.

That’s right, they are much more than just stuffed animals, the Scentsy animals have a zipper on their backs that open up a pouch to insert your favorite Scentsy scent pak.

Once you insert a scent pak, the animal quickly is filled with the smell of the fragrance pak you chose.

This makes the Scentsy stuffed animal smell great.

Soft, cuddly, and smells great, what more can you ask for in a stuffed animal.

These scentsy animals make wonderful gifts for children of all ages, we actually sell these to grown ups too.

Psssst, Don’t tell anyone but Brandie has several of these herself, adults love them too.

Scentsy Animals

Scentsy buddy

Right now there are 13 Scentsy Animals in the catalog, a couple more in the Scentsy closeout section

The Scentsy Buddy stuffed animals are 5.5″ wide, 9.5″ tall when seated and about 15.5″ from head to toe.

The Scentsy stuffed animals are $25 and include the animal and your choice of Scentsy Scent Pak.

The scent pak is a small cloth pouch filled with plastic beads that have been injected with the Scentsy scent oil.

Should these beads ever be swallowed by your child, dog or whoever, do not worry about these harming you as they have been tested and are child safe

Scentsy take pride in producing high quality products that not only smell great but are safe, every product is made with the parent and the child in mind.

Don’t worry about finding that perfect gift for your child any longer, they will love their new Scentsy Buddy.

Click Here To See The Full Line Of Scenty Buddy Stuffed Animals

Brandie and Justin

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